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Multi-Factor Authentication
-  AkrosMFA™


Multi-Factor Authentication

AkrosMFA™ is an innovative, patent-pending, multi-factor authentication system that uses readily available devices such as mobile phones and PDAs for secure multi-factor authentication.  AkrosMFA™ eliminates the cost and inconvenience of additional hardware devices such as e-tokens, dongles and smart cards to provide security.  AkrosMFA™ uses a high level encryption system to securely authenticate passwords before access is granted to the user.


What it does

AkrosMFA™ uses a mobile device application and a backend application to generate and manage the secure, multi-factor authentication passwords businesses need today. The application is available only to customers of the businesses that partner with AkrosMFA™.

Once the application is installed on the mobile device, it generates unique, one-time, alpha-numeric passwords for authentication with just a few key strokes. A backend system manages the password authentication and provides the user access to their data.  AkrosMFA™ can be used to provide secure, authenticated access to online bank accounts, medical records, corporate e-mail and other corporate information systems.

Easy to use

Your customers no longer have to answer lengthy security questions, remember multiple passwords and carry e-tokens or dongles to access their data. A few keystrokes on their mobile device will provide them with a unique, one-time password in just seconds.  AkrosMFA™ does not require network availability, SMS messages or phone calls to authenticate the customer’s identity. Your customers will feel safer, knowing their data is securely protected from unauthorized access.



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